The Rebranding Of Allan Cordon Photography

Hi There!

You might be wondering why the absence on the blog and my social media. Well to be honest I felt kind of lost lately. When I first began to take my photography serious I looked everywhere for inspiration and that was my biggest downfall. I looked for inspiration from other people but never asked myself "Hey! What do you really want to do with this?" Until now.

For the past couple months that I've been missing I have been do some research and questioning. I've read and seen so much content that has shown me the way to fully express myself rather than a closed off personality. 

So let me introduce the new brand...

A New Beginning..

Woodbridge Wedding Photographer

Why I Chose The Fox. 

I've always had a fascination foxes they're mysterious and quick. I feel like a fox when it comes to the way I work in weddings. I try to blend into the crowd and quickly capture moments that couples didn't even notice that I was there. Foxes create curiosity in people. I love creating emotional and eye catching art. 

The Future.

The future looks bright and a bit hectic since my goal is to create as much work and content as possible. I'll be working more on blogging weddings or relevant topics. Last year I did work as much possible but looking back I spent too much time wasting my time on pointless activities. Youtube and Facebook can be a silent monster that can trap you for hours without you even noticing. One second I'll be looking for some movie reviews three hours later I'm looking at a cat hovering about on a roomba.

My Abandoned Youtube Channel And More.

I started a youtube channel a while ago thinking that'll update every other day or so. Well....that didn't go well I forgot how much time is needed to create quality content. Well while it's cold and wedding season hasn't picked up yet. I've decided to bring back the channel with a new spin to it. That'll come in a couple weeks.

I've always felt that being transparent is the best way to create some awesome relationships with clients and fellow creatives. So I'm going to be more open about how I work and what I do to create some of the work I do. I'll be working on some free workshops for a couple people in the area that interested in working with couples. The For Photographers section of my site will have a lot more love. So be on the lookout for some new content on their. 

Getting More Personal

I always like seeing the personal side of pros. It shows the person behind the work. I want to show a little more of my personality in my brand so you'll see a lot more of me and my dogs on here. If you aren't following me on my social media there are links at the bottom of the site. Being in front of the camera is terrifying but I'll get the hang of it. 

Travel and Projects.

I really love traveling it lowers my stress for a bit and ups my creativity. A couple weeks ago I was in Guatemala for the Holidays. I felt that there wasn't anything to worry while over there and that everything was great. I didn't have a plan to shoot something specific I just let my mind wander and let it do its thing. 

So I have one of my projects that I'm beginning to start. Since I love traveling and meeting new and interesting people. I'll be offering my services for free If travel fees are covered. I'll have a list of the places that qualifies. But if you have an awesome wedding planned and you're adventurous. Contact me and say what's up! 

More to come..

As much as I would love to share my whole gameplan. Not everything in my list of coolness will become something. For now everything is in the planning stages. I'll begin announcing as I go. For now....hmm see yah! 




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