Don't be a jack of all trades and find your niche.

First and foremost this is not a post on any specific type of photographer. Consider this a post on getting better at what you really want to shoot. If you want to share this to anyone that you feel needs some advice share it along. 

Here are some points that I learned over a time shooting.


  • Shoot everyone and everything

Thats right when you beginning to learn how to use your camera you want to shoot everything and that great! Shooting every type of genre gives you a chance to see if you like shooting it or not. For example when I first started to shoot I shot everything from sports, portraits, animals, kids, foods and way too many things to list. But after every time I shot the genre I asked myself If I really wanted to continue shooting it. Thats when I started to narrow my likes and dislikes. 

  • Talk with the people that are in the genre you want to be in. 

Thats right I know its tough talking with people that are in position that you want to be in because they consider you competition. But theres always people that would love to help you and guide you towards your goals. You just have to go out there and ask for a small amount of their time or offer some free help at no cost to them. Its a great way for you to get some on location experience and the photographer benefits from the assistance. The rule I live by is that I have to contribute 100% of my effort into my relationships business or intimate. You cant just take someones time without giving something in return.  

  • Find something you like and focus alot of your time into it. 

When I first started to shoot I shot so many things that when I shot my first couple portraits I started to put more time and effort in to that genre. I slowly started to part ways with the rest and put more time into what I like doing. The more time and work that you put into the genre you like the better you'll get. Remember you don't want to be OK at everything you want to be AMAZING at one. 

  • Go out there and shoot a ton and practice.

If I were to put this entire post into two sentences it would be. Try everything and find out what you like. Once you find out, go out there and practice, practice, practice! 


To show my progress I'm going to post some of my beginning work and risk being made fun of. but it goes to show that everyone starts somewhere. Enjoy! please don't be rough on me.


Before: (I used to brand my self as Delta Photos) 



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