The YN560-III Review

This may be considered a knock off brand flash. But this is far from the stereotype. This flash has been firing without a problem since I got them about a year ago. Although this flash is manual and it cant do on camera TTL. Which mean that the camera cannot control the output of the flash power to match the exposure in the camera. But for me personally I never really needed TTL. Because I always set my flashes differently anyways so the TTL would honestly get in the way of my shot. 

For now the flashes have never missed a shot. For the price that the name brand flashes like the top of the line Nikon and Canon. I can get at least five or six of these. Thats the biggest factor that brought me to these.  Now you might be asking your self "Name brand lasts longer and they're more durable". That may be true and many cases but for these you cant beat the price and quality that these bring. 

I left some images below to show some examples of what these little beasts can do.