Freelensing and what it could add to your work.

This Is an old 50mm minolta lens from one of my old film cameras. This is an awesome lens by it's self but I'm not using it for what its initial use was. I removed the the mount from the lens and freed up the aperture control. 

Essentially what freelensing is moving around the lens infront of your sensor to create a tilt shft affect or dreamy look to your photos. It seems pretty straight forward but it take some getting used to. I've learned about this technique for a while but for films but I rarely saw it for photography. Until Sam Hurd a really well known photographer here in D.C started to show the real magic behind it. 

Here are some tips on how you can work this technique into your photos:

  • Remove the mount from your lens to get the lens closer to your sensor.
  • Don't have the aperture wide open all the time just when needed for more light.
  • You don't have to move it just back and fourth move it all over the place you'll notice the effects. 
  • Use your liveview so you can see the effect better. 
  • have fun and experiment theres no right way to use this technique!

Heres an example of the look it could make for you! 

example photo of using freelensing in a couple shoot in virginia

Keep an eye for more tips and reviews i'm going to be adding alot more content soon!