Sigma 24mm 1.4 review so far

It's been a while since I first got this lens. I really anted something wide but not to the point where it distorts everything. So thats why I went with the 24mm. I am shooting with a cropped sensor so that means I'm shooting around a 35mm focal length which i'm fine with. 

I got the lens at the end of may and right before my road trip across the U.S, Mexico and Guatemala. So I can definitely this lens has gone through alot in the past couple months. My overall review of the lens is positive and have had a problem since. Except for the filter thread I lightly tapped the lens against my car door and it chipped the thread. I've bumped so many lenses but so far this the only one that cracked on me. It might just be me but the quality of the filter thread is a little too frail. 

The sharpness of the lens is amazing I've zoomed in one to one on this in lightroom and I could clearly see every individual detail in all my images. Thats a huge bonus for me. I've slowly moved this lens to one of my top used and it almost never leaves my camera. This a great buy for anyone that wants a good wide that can be used for some portraits without huge distortions. 

Now l'll be sitting here waiting for the 85mm art. *Fingers crossed 


Below I posted some of my recent photos with the 24mm sigma. For now stay tuned for more!