Top 4 lessons I learned in 2015

There are so many things that I learned in 2015 from photography to business. But I didn't want to over saturate this blog post with tons of information. So I've complied a small list of things that I felt had the biggest impact on me and my work. For each lesson I'll briefly describe the lesson and how It helped me. 

  • Take the chances that come to you. If not someone else will. 

Now this might sound a little cliché but it is very true in many ways. Sometime a great opportunity might come your way and you might be scared or hesitant to go for it. Trust me you have to take it because someone else might come and grab it. Amazing opportunities only come once and you might lose it because of overthinking. 

I've lost numerous shots at meeting awesome people and places. For example a photographer named Jared Polin known for Fro Knows Photo came to Reston Va. He came to shoot one of his podcasts and I had the chance to meet him and actually talk to him. But in my head I kept saying "I can't by myself" or "what if I don't like it". A day later I felt stupid for not going even though it was less than hour away from my home. Now when I see a great chance to meet someone great or learn something new I jump on it immediately.

  • Always try to learn something new. 

I love to learn new and different things. I especially love to learn on how the economy and marketing works. My top things to do is to listen to a lot of podcast and audio books. I'm more of a visual and audible learner than a reader. But sometimes I do get the occasional book to reference more often than to read cover to cover. The convenience of audio learning is that I can almost listen to them anywhere. I listen to them while at work, editing, traveling, even while doing chores around the house. 

I learned so many nuggets of information that I implemented into my marketing and work ethic. I started marketing having no Idea on what to do so I began listening to Gary Vaynerchuk and the 100 MBA. These guys helped me make content that really mattered and not just some aimless text posts. *Lastly I learned a lot about the presidential race and the backend of it all to listening to multiple podcasts. 

  • Great content is key.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a huge influence in my work and website. He believes that great content trumps all. He has a great ability to produce videos and blog posts with a great amount of detail in short posts. He's always talking about how people nowadays value time over anything. So creating awesome short content is great! 

I rather create small blog posts with some great ideas and photos rather than long form posts. The reason is that I don't like to read long posts, I get really bored quickly. I like reading the bullet points a couple sentences after. Just getting the main points of the post. The new year will be filled with some quick and awesome blog posts and videos. 

  • Take some time apart to do personal projects. 

I seen so many creatives say that if it wasn't for their personal projects they would probably lose their minds. Another example would be that with personal projects you can test and experiment as much as you want without the risk of a client's shoot. 

I didn't do much of personal projects since college,work, and client shoots took over. But I did go to Guatemala for two weeks and the overall trip there lasted another two. I had a month free from all of my worries. My style changed and the way I saw through the viewfinder changed. Even though it was a small project it made wonders for me and my work. 


let's see what the new year brings!