Sunday before and after post!

I usually don't like to post what my raw files look like because I purposely under expose to save my shadows and highlights so when people try to see the back of the camera and see a dark image they tend to be put off. The purpose of this post is to show people why I underexpose a little and to further show the results after post.   So here I'll tell you how I made this image.  

I did't do much to this image other than pull my exposure up and the shadows on their faces. But if you notice the flares on top those are not natural I liked the look of the flare even though I didn't have much sun to work with. It was really cloudy and I wanted the golden look. So what I did after turning the image to black and white I pulled the image into Exposure 7. 

After that I made a gradient blur above them making the the trees above blur out. Then I added a flare above them and also blurred it out so it wasn't to distracting. Lastly I added some grain and sharping to it. 

Here is the Raw file without any tweaking at all. You can definitely tell the work that went into the photo. I'm going to be rolling out more of these before and after to show my editing process.   


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