Langly Camera Bag // My Camera Bag

A Great Camera Bag. 

Something that is essential to all photographers. Here is one of the multiple camera bags that I have. It is the Langly Camera Bag. This camera is made for the traveler for many reasons. 

The Size:

It's a pretty big bag compared to most standard bags or messenger bags. It's a perfect for photographers that don't like the feeling of having one shoulder hurt after a long day of shooting. I hate having one shoulder sore after a long wedding or shoot. This bag evenly distributes the weight, so no more sore shoulder :)


The Pockets!:

There are pockets spread throughout this bag. The main compartment is in the lower half of the bag. So your camera and two lenses can go there or what ever feels better for you since they give you extra walls to change it around as much as you want. 


This is a hefty camera bag. For starters the bag has a wax coating. So you don't have to worry about water getting in.  Secondly all the pockets have very strong zippers and flaps so there is added protection for all your gear. Lastly there each of the pockets have a little strap to adjust how tight you want the flap. 

Overall Verdict:

I love this bag overall. I've been to Guatemala and back with this on. None of my gear was hurt when I was traveling with this. The only place I won't take this is at a wedding for now. Ill try to carry it but the feeling of carrying around an olive green backpack though a ceremony seems off. But engagement sessions this fine since at that time me and the couple are dressed pretty casually.


Here is something I just noticed about this bag.. It looks like a camera bag monster "Nom nom nom give me your gear!  

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